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Norminor SNB: Fertilizer Production

Shincon is through the company Norminor AS involved in the production of mineral-organic fertilizer in China. Factories are being built in Yunnan province, with the use of organic waste as the key ingredient in the production. Norminor AS is established by Shincon and ‘Høst verdien i avfall’ (valuable waste) by 50% ownership share each.

- ‘Høst valuable waste AS’ has developed the particular method of fertilizer production in Norway, which is now about to be introduced in China. The organic fraction of waste that after processing is used in the production of fertilizer, is waste which until now has been placed in landfills and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

- Shincon AS has operated in China for several years having skilled national personnel with experience in Chinese business and has been door openers in the process. Shincon's Kunming office has been operating for more than 12 years, including implementation of Norad-funded development projects in Yunnan, and has gained a good reputation in the area.

Norminor entered in 2010 cooperation with the Chinese company YCEI and created the joint venture Yunnan Sino-Norway Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. (SNB)

SNB was established to contribute to the solution of some of the enormous environmental challenges Chinese authorities face in the coming years. China's extraordinary growth, industrialization and improvement of living standards have increased the volume of waste enormously - and large amounts of organic waste from urban and agriculture areas lead to pollution of rivers and streams - as well as emissions of greenhouse gases.

Authorities make major investments in the waste sector, and our Chinese partner company is engaged in a considerable development of plants for treatment of wastewater and solid waste in the Yunnan region, related to a population of 46 million people and bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma. SNB will in this context contribute with the establishment of fertilizer plants. The first facility was officially opened on October 31, 2013, ready for production. The plan is to expand with several new plants during the coming years. One plant will typically produce 40 000 tons a year.

Joint Venture agreement signed at World Expo 2010, Shanghai

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