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International Child Development Programme (ICDP) in China operates under Shincon Kunming Rep Office, and was first introduce to China in 2015 as part of a development project for Left-behind Children, but has since been spread to several other governmental and non-governmental entities.

ICDP is a competence-building agency. ICDP works for the benefit of children, youth and families worldwide towards a more peaceful and violence free society. The ethos of ICDP is to provide for human care by activating empathy and by building caregivers’ competence.

The core of the ICDP work is the ICDP Program. This is a program of human care directed towards children’s caregivers. The idea is that long-term effects can only be achieved and sustained through supporting children’s permanent network of care, which are primarily parents or staff in institutions where children stay.  ICDP aims to implement recent knowledge from scientific research in child development for the benefit of vulnerable and neglected children. The program is scientifically based in the sense that the basic components of the program are strongly supported by research in modern developmental psychology. 

The general strategy is to convey competence and expertise to individuals, organizations, universities, educational institutions and networks of care, so that the impact of the trainings can be spread wider, reaching more disadvantaged children and families, and can be sustained longer, than individual or institutionally oriented interventions towards a limited number of disadvantaged caregivers and children.

Please see ICDP international´s webpage for more information about ICDP.

For more information about the introduction of ICDP to China, please see this short movie on Youku or YouTube

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2015年,国际儿童发展项目(International Child Delevelopment Programme,以下简称ICDP)作为挪威欣康咨询有限公司开展的留守儿童发展项目的活动之一正式引进中国,ICDP一落地就被当地政府和一些从事儿童发展工作的机构认可和推广。




关于ICDP更多信息,请登录 ICDP国际网站

有关ICDP中国的介绍,可从优酷网Youku 或是 YouTube点击观看视频。


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